TCU, Fall 2008

GS for Mass Communications Practitioners Catalog Description: The application of the principles of General Semantics — how language affects the communication process — to the practice of journalism, advertising, and public relations. Syllabus Overview General Semantics (GS) deals with how we perceive, construct, evaluate and then express  our life experiences through our language-behaviors. This course provides an … Read more

GS Videos: Topical Excerpts

These videos were created to illustrate specific topics covered in class. *Some content may be considered objectionable and inappropriate for younger viewers.* The Power (?) of Words (6:10) As of 14 Nov 2020, this video is temporarily unavailable due to webhost migration. Please check back soon. Winner or Loser? (3:30) As of 14 Nov 2020, … Read more

Review Videos for GS Class, Fall 2008

These two videos were used as reviews throughout the fall 2008 semester for my GS classes at TCU in Fort Worth. Note that these were used to review material already presented and discussed in class. Some of the material goes by pretty quickly and some, without benefit of the original class, may be puzzling. *Some … Read more

Write Like You Mean It: Writing that makes sense

Fall 2008 Some people have trouble expressing themselves in writing because they’re almost paralyzed by worries about grammar, syntax, rules, and what somebody else is going to think. Other people have no fear of writing, but they’re concerned that what they write actually makes sense. After all, the world hardly needs more well-written nonsense. How … Read more