Differences that make a difference

This is not a pipe.
You can’t eat the menu.
I know I cannot paint a flower.
What can be shown cannot be said.
A symbol is not that which is symbolized.
The stimulus is not the response.
The map is not the territory.
The word is not the thing.
This is not That.

A World View

Or orientation, derived from premises that acknowledge the differences that make humans human: physiological, neurological, psychological, linguistic, behavioral. Toward an Informed World View.

General Semantics

How symbols and language define human capacities, and limitations, for experiencing, learning, and communicating with ourselves and others. Instructional and explanatory materials.

Brain & Behavior

A prerequisite for an informed understanding of how we experience and adapt to our world is to understand how brains function. Includes summaries from a 32-part televised brain series.