C. Rose Brain Series 2, #4: Cognitive Defects

The fourth episode of the second phase of the Charlie Rose Brain Series aired February 23, 2012, and addressed the topic of defects in cognition, such as Alzheimber’s. Charlie and co-host Eric Kandel welcomed as panelists David Holtzman, Alison Goate, Bruce Miller, and Marc Tessier-Lavigne. Prior to this show, Charlie interview Scott Small on his … Read more

C. Rose Brain Series #6: The Aging Brain

Episode 6 of the Charlie Rose Brain Series aired March 25. Charlie and his co-host, Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel, addressed “The Aging Brain” with their distinguished panel: (from the available transcript) Brenda Milner is one of the pioneers in this field. Her experiments in the 1950s formed the basis for the modern theory of memory. … Read more