India: Think Before You Speak

As printed in the 20 November 2007 edition of DNA (Daily News & Analysis), Mumbai edition. By Prachi Rege Our assumptions could lead to major communication problems. Prachi Rege attends a seminar on General Semantics — a theory that makes us aware of our behaviour thereby setting a base for effective communication. The daily experiences … Read more

India: National Workshop

Reprinted with permission from: Centre for Contemporary Theory, Vadodara, Gujarat, India            Twelfth National Workshop Cognitive Language Skills for the 21st Century 3rd – 5th November 2007 A Report One of the dominant concerns of contemporary social and political theory and one which has engaged if not captured the attention of theorizing … Read more

India: National Workshop on General Semantics

As printed in the 6 November 2007 edition of DIVYA BHASKAR DAILY, Gujarat, India. General Semantics is a topic somewhat unfamiliar to the common man, but it concerns something that plays a very significant role in our daily life. The twelfth National Workshop of the Forum for Contemporary Theory, titled “Cognitive Language Skills for Twenty … Read more