A long-page summary of where I’ve lived, what I’ve done, who/what has inspired me, and some shameless name-dropping. Also my page of meaningful quotes, resume, and CV.

Virtual Portfolio

Links to articles, papers, columns and other writings over the years that I’m proud to feature.


My first website was created in 1999. A year later it was mentioned by William Safire in an article concerning names people gave their websites. Includes lots about general semantics, practical neuroscience, and My First MOOC (an online course presented to over 1,300 participants from 67 different countries).

My ’76 Attic

Proud to say my undergrad alma mater was the U.S. Air Force Academy, just north of Colorado Springs. Thanks to my mother, I’ve kept a lot of memorabilia, letters, photos, souvenirs and other keepsakes from 1972-76.


In 2022 I drove around the perimeter of the continental U.S., through 35 coast and border states – 16,000 miles, 87 days, and more than 5,000 photos/videos.

(in development)

Family Genealogy

Tributes to my parents as well as documentation of my ancestral tree going back more than six generations.

(in development)