C. Rose Brain Series 2, #7: Depression

For the seventh episode in the second series of the Charlie Rose Brain Series, Charlie and co-host Dr. Eric Kandel welcomed panelists Peter Whybrow of UCLA, author Andrew Solomon, Frederick Goodwin of George Washington University and Helen Mayberg of Emory University. This episode aired May 29, 2012.

These two clips provide some highlights. The first is Eric Kandel’s opening overview.

The second addresses these questions and topics:

  • How many types of depression are there?
  • What role do genetics play?
  • What is the neurobiology of depression?
  • How do neural circuits affect depression?
  • What is the trajectory and velocity of neural research that informs what we know about and how we can treat depression?

Overview and History of Depression, Eric Kandel (7:14)

Discussion Highlights about Depression (14:11)