Brochures, Collateral

While Executive Director for the Institute of General Semantics (2004-2007), I was responsible for creating the following brochures, marketing, and promotional materials: General Information Brochure, Trade Show Booth Graphic, Capital Campaign Brochure, Conference Announcement, and a promotional Bookmark.

General Information Brochure about the Institute

Download the PDF

Brochure 1st fold

Brochure Inside

Trade Show Booth Graphic

This graphic was used for the 10-ft wide, 7-ft tall mylar backdrop display used in booths at trade shows and conferences.

Trade Show Booth

Capital Campaign Brochure

Download the PDF

Capital Campaign Cover

International Conference Announcement

Download the 3-page PDF for the 2006 “Making Sense” international conference announcement.

Making Sense Conference

Bookmark with Quotations