General Semantics

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MOOC Heading

2014 – Mary Lahman, Greg Thompson and Steve Stockdale designed and delivered a six-week course in General Semantics on the Canvas Network MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) platform. More than 1,300 registrants from 67 countries participated. Course materials:

About the Course: description, instructors, overview, outline six modules

Course Index of Pages: outline with headings, sub-headings

Assignments and References

Our First MOOC conference presentation on MOOC results


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Persuade Shoes

2009 – Presentation to an advertising/public relations group in Amarillo, TX: Lay Off of My PERSUADE Shoes. Critically compares General Semantics with Ad/PR in the context of the “digital convergence” crisis impacting journalism and advertising, enabled by Internet platforms like Facebook and Google. Includes analysis of 2008 PR campaign by Chesapeake Energy in the Barnett Shale area of north Texas.

Presentation script with embedded slides and video clips to read and watch


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Here's Something about GS
My self-published 2009 eBook (pdf), Here’s Something About General Semantics. Other:
Eating Menus in 2004
A Fence Sieve Language
Calling Out the Symbol Rulers
The Structural Differential
From the MOOC:
What is GS? Module Map
Alfred Korzybski
Consciousness of Abstracting
On Language
Theories in GS
Symbol Rulers
Implications for Education
Response Side Semantics
Suspended in Stereotypes
Converging Competencies (Robert A. Heinlein and Dr. Albert Ellis)

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GS Instructional Heading
Includes a variety of individual exercises and demonstrations from GS courses, primarily from 2005-2008 at TCU in Fort Worth, TX, including videos and course syllabus information.

From the 2014 MOOC, the Point of View (or Orientation) Survey

From the MOOC, links to the six Modules:

1: What is GS? (Steve)
2: Allness (Mary)
3: Bypassing (Mary)
4. Linguistic Relativity (Greg)
5. Who Rules Symbols? (Steve)
6. Review and Reflection (All)