Videos of General Semantics Reviews

Videos may include material some may find objectionable.

Videos Prepared for General Semantics Class Reviews

Review of Full Semester, Spring 2008

I used a lot of video clips and excerpts during the Spring 2008 GS class at TCU. This compilation review not only reminded the class of the different (and mostly entertaining) clips we watched, but I believe, on it's own, provides about as good of a description of what GS is about that you can do in 31 minutes. Over 70 different sources are used. Some of the major contributors are:

  • "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"
  • "The Colbert Report"
  • PBS: "Eyes on the Prize"
  • "The N Word: Divided We Stand"
  • "F**k: A Documentary"
  • PBS Frontline: "The Persuaders"
  • Independent Lens: "The Paper"
  • "Toxic Sludge is Good for You"
  • "The Brain: Evolution and Perception"
  • Blue Man Group: "Inside the Tube"
  • Herbie Hancock's "Possibilities"
  • Review of Classes 1-8, Fall 2008

    I made this video as a 4-minute review for my GS class that covered some of the highlights of the first 8 classes of the semester. The soundtrack is Tears for Fears' "Everybody Wants to Rule the World." Topics reviewed include:

  • Overview of the course and Perspective
  • Effects of Environment and Expectations
  • Human sensory capabilities/limitations
  • Alfred Korzybski and Time-binding
  • Scientific Approach
  • Abstracting/Evaluating
  • Integrating the World Outside our skins with the World Inside
  • Effects of Labels
  • Review of Classes 9-16, Fall 2008

    The second block of classes for the Fall 2008 semester concentrated on Verbal Awareness and Linguistic Revision. I used No Doubt's "It's My Life" as the soundtrack for this 4:30 video review that covers:

  • On "facts" vs. "inferences" (Irving J. Lee)
  • Abstracting/Evaluating
  • Effects of inappropriate usages of absolutistic terms
  • Effects of over-reliance on "to be" verbs
  • Influences in the Semantic/Linguistic environment
  • Effective language habits
  • Lecture to Review Fall 2006 Semester

    Classes scheduled for the final day of the Fall 2006 semester at TCU were canceled due to weather. My General Semantics for Mass Communications was affected. Since I had planned to give a summary review of major points that would be on the final exam, I recorded a total of 40 minutes worth of video, incorporated some Powerpoint slides, and posted the result online so that students could access it prior to the final exam.

    Here's Something About GS cover

    Here's Something About General Semantics:
    A Primer for Making Sense of Your World

    ISBN 978-0-9824645-0-2; 290 pages. FREE!
    Available in eBook format (PDF) for immediate purchase and download.

    Hereís Something About GS provides a thorough yet accessible overview of this misunderstood and under-appreciated discipline, reflecting work Iíve done in learning, teaching, and writing about general semantics for more than 13 years. It explains and demonstrates principles that promote an ongoing awareness of differences that make a difference. Learn how language and other symbols influence how you perceive your world, how you respond to your perceptions, and how you think-and-talk about your responses.

    As a former student wrote: "This class was so much different from any class I've taken in college thus far. In my opinion, it was a class teaching us how to think, rather than what to think."

    For example, some of the topics commented on include:

    • A fence sieve language
    • Eating menus
    • Definitions vs. meanings
    • Tips for playing roulette
    • Defending the swastika (ooh, controversy!)
    • Making a federal case out of bad words (ooh, more blanking controversy!)
    • Word magic
    • Calling out the symbol rulers
    • Lay off of my persuade shoes
    • Symptoms of language misbehaviors
    • Semantic pollution
    • The bridge at Neverwas

    The book is filled with examples, quotes, and has over 50 illustrations. It includes 13 pages of Notes and Sources and an Index of Names with over 250 entries. It has links to additional online material to augment the content, including links to more than 150 video clips. Itís written for a general audience, but could be especially useful for teachers who want to introduce GS principles to supplement a secondary school curriculum, or even as a module in a college-level humanities or social sciences course. Iíve included some introductory materials for those who know nothing about GS; some more in-depth explanations and descriptions including published articles, newspaper columns, and presentations I've made; and some history about the people and organizations that have been involved with GS over the years. Click here to read an excerpt, review the Contents, order, and download now!

    Interested in an excerpted video? Check out the Bib-Vid-liography listings here.


    We discriminate against people to the degree we fail to distinguish between them.—Irving J. Lee
    We think that is which appears to be.—Henry David Thoreau
    To a mouse, cheese is cheese. That is why mouse traps are effective.—Wendell Johnson

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